Noopura Naada

The Noopura Naada  programme is open to all age groups and is taught by Meghana who has carefully structured this program using her knowledge of Bharatanatyam, Yoga and Ayurveda. The rigorous training helps in developing a healthy mind in a healthy body through dance and movements.  


The Noopura Naada  Programme for adults and children has been designed to cover all the aspects of well-being. Meghana has made an attempt to ensconce the awareness of the human anatomy in the teaching technique, to make an individual, physically powerful, strong and articulate in movements. The Abhinaya darpana, and Natyashastra are used as theoretical basis. Students will learn hastas, viniyogas, charis etc. They will also be trained in tala, music and Indian mythology.

Individuals are taught basic lessons of Bharatanatyam, Yoga, Exercises, Sanskrit shlokas (verses from the ancient Indian literature) and music to develop a healthy mind in a healthy body.
The program will expand their movement vocabulary to make their bodies available to varied movement disciplines, providing a strong foundation for further learning.